Why Should You Invest in LED Retrofit?

Upgrading your lighting system isn’t something most people consider to spend from their budget, but what if upgrading your lighting will not break your bank? Yes, that’s true LED Retrofit will eliminate extra electricity bill and maintenance that will save your money annually. LED Retrofit replaces a traditional bulb/lamp with an LED equivalent, without replacing the existing fixtures or installation.

 What is an LED Retrofit?


LED Retrofit hykolity

Retrofit LEDs utilize existing/current lighting fixtures whether through simple screw-in options that fit into your existing lighting equipment. New light fixtures can replace any lighting solutions using LED technology.

Like all traditional lighting, troffer fixtures have dimensions that allow for traditional bulbs to fit, heat to dissipate, drivers and wiring to sit, and anchor points for attaching or placing the installation in its desired location.

Because LED lighting is lighter, thinner, integrated, and puts out less heat than a traditional fixture—like troffer— it can require a kit to refit the older fixture correctly.

A Retrofit kit is an updated version of LED with an integrated connection allowing the new lamp to sit in the old fixture comfortably.

How will I get Benefit from LED Retrofit?

There are three ways to get benefit from:

  • Cost saving
  • No maintenance costs
  • Improved lighting quality

Life-expectancy comparison between LED bulbs and Fluorescent Bulbs

It is one of the strong reasons before you buy, LED Retrofit has much longer operational performance and life; therefore it doesn’t require to replace with traditional bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.

Life-expectancy comparison
LED Bulbs: 30,000-50,000 Hrs
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: 8,000-10,000 Hrs
Traditional Incandescent Bulbs: 1,000 Hrs

In addition, LEDs don’t burn out or fuse suddenly, they merely dim over time, which is more convenient than the traditional bulbs.

Five specifications why you should invest in LED Retrofit:

  • Less expensive- Retrofitting with LED screw-in lamps is the least expensive way to upgrade your home lighting. For fixtures that require an upgrade to accommodate LED technology, retrofitting will cost more.
  • Ease of Installation-Retrofit kit provides with the simplest method of installation; Retrofit LED plug-and-play options to offer the easiest way to switch to LED technology by allowing you to place the plug-in LED options into existing fixtures.
  • Maintenance-Retrofit LED products have a very long lifespan and which requires a negligible amount of maintenance.
  • Choice- There is a vast range of LED retrofit products available to fit into existing lighting fixtures. It gives you the option to choose the energy efficient lighting wand so you can choose from a wide range of fixtures to achieve the desired look you want regarding color and wattage.
  • Can survive in harsh conditions- LEDs are durable and stud in built quality, it also able to withstand even in the harshest conditions.


The sheer amount of information can confuse you by choosing between LED fixtures and retrofit LEDs. Be assured that whatever decision you make, you’ll be choosing a product that will lower your energy use and drastically reduce costs for many years. Hykolity Retrofits stocks a large selection of both retrofit LED products and LED lighting fixtures you can choose.