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LED UFO High Bay Lights

The LED UFO High Bay Lights are perfect to use in warehouses and similar buildings with high ceilings. These are perfect replacements for fluorescent lighting. LED UFO style lights can also be used with reflectors to maximize the lighting. Depending on the height of the ceiling the lights can be adjusted to meet any and all standards. These can be used in warehouses, gyms, and other similar areas.

LED Linear High Bay 

Linear High Bay Lights are a perfect replacement LED option for the outdated fluorescent lights.  These LED lighting set up will brighten up your commercial or industrial area while saving energy. If you are having trouble with current fluorescent lighting or not getting enough lighting for your warehouse or similar area, make the switch to LED. This type of fixture can bring you up to 4 times the lighting power that of conventional bulbs.  

LED Flat Panel

Flat Panel LED Lights are an ideal replacement for office or similar lighting applications. These omit lighting which is evenly distributed eliminating glare, flickering and hot spots. The LED flat panel lights bring you a better quality lighting for your office or any building. They can also benefit in saving expenses on the electric bill while conserving engergy. These should be a must for every office or building in order to maximize efficiency in their light usage.

LED Canopy Light

Our Canopy LED Lights are specifically designed to allow for low ceiling mounting. A perfect replacement for HID and HPS canopy lighting fixtures. LED canopy lighting is perfect for underpasses that require reliable lighting. This can bring you added security as it will effectively light up your area which will deter suspicious activity from happening.

Shoebox Lights

LED Shoebox Lights are the choice to have when replacing metal halide, high intensity sodium discharge lights. Our lights are rated and can handle extreme weather conditions. They are perfect to replace parking lot lighting as they offer less consumption of electricity, property owners and managers will see the difference these can make. Not only do they save electricity but they can greatly improve the security of any parking lot thanks to its bright lumen output. Enhance the security and appeal of your parking structure or area by using LED shoe box lighting.  

LED Flood Lights

A maintenance free solution to outdoor area lighting. The LED Flood Lights are ideal for commercial applications replacements of halogen or hps lights. They are perfect for lighting up almost any outdoor area and the best part is that they dont heat up like traditional halogen bulbs. They can withstand the elements and of course save energy by consuming less electricity. See how much you can save by using LED flood lights in your next outdoor project.  

Gas Station LED Lights

Great efficient way of drastically improving outdoor lighting, while saving energy and money.  Gas Station LED Lights can also used in wet locations. These type of canopy led lighting can also be used for many underpasses and fixed outdoor canopies that need lighting.  

Wall Packs

Wall packs are used to light up outdoor areas and are mounted directly on outside walls.  These LED Wall Packs are water resistant and easy to install as they come with all the necesary mounting accessories. There are much brighter than conventional applications as the LEDs can provide better lighting without using as much electricity as other bulbs. These wall packs can also improve your security and minimize any dark areas within your building proximity.

Vapor Tight LED Lights

Raise the bar with these Vapor Tight LED Lights, which are perfect for use in damp and wet areas such as commercial refrigeration areas. These LED lighting fixtures are an almost necesity for any type of cold area lighting. LEDs are known to operate better in low temperature conditions and also do not need "warm up time" to fully light up. Vapor tight LED lighting should be used in walk in freezers and refrigerators mostly common with food distribution companies, restaurants and other similar applications.  

LED Barn Lights

Simple yet effective, these LED Barn Lights are maintenance free and produce brighter light compared to old metal halide fixtures. Replace your old barn lights with new LED lighting. It will save you time from having to do routine maintainance that traditional bulbs require. LED lighting can output much more light than conventional fixtures while saving you money on your electric bill. In order to save more money use a photocell to make sure that lighting is only available when needed.  

Wall Pack / Shoebox Retrofit Kits

This Wall Pack / Shoebox Retrofit Kit is what you need to make the direct transition to LED outdoor lighting. A commercial and industrial solution to cost efficiency and energy saving lights. There is no more need to change out an entire lighting fixture, save more money by only changing out the lightbulb.  

LED Down Light

A perfect application for color reduction and display. Our LED Down Lights are easy to install and a direct replacement with a high intensity, low power energy saving lifespan. They can be used in many businesses and residential applications. They are also available in a conversion kit that allows only the light bulb to be changed to be LED ready. These are ideal in saving energy and money in your electric bill.  

Fluorescent to LED Light Replacement

Easily upgrade your lighting with this LED Troffer Retrofit Kit.  This kit simply replaces fluorescent tubes from various commercial applications. It will drastically increase the office lighting and give a new look to the area. The replacement kit includes everything you need to make the switch from fluorescent to LED without having to change the entire lighting fixture. This is a perfect solution to minimize any issues that fluorescent lighting usually consists of.  

LED Corn Light Bulb

This long lifespan, high intensity energy saving LED Corn Light Bulb can be used for area and street lighting. This type of LED bulb is ideal to replace other low performance non LED lights. They are made to quickly convert your old non LED to a high output LED lighting. If changing the current lighting fixture is not an option, or you dont have the skills and tools necesary, this option allows you to make the switch as easy as changing out a light bulb.  

LED Linear / Wraparound Lights

Maintenance free solution to indoor areas. These LED Linear or Wraparound Lights have a long lifespan and can save up to 75% in energy costs. These liner lights can be used in low bay and some high bay depending on the watts and lighting needs. They are ideal to replace old lighting fixtures which will bring you much needed lighting.  

Hykolity LED Commercial Lighting

Hykolity is becoming one of the fastest growing LED commercial lighting suppliers serving the U.S. The company has gained a strong following thanks to the great reviews on the quality LED fixtures it offers. The company believes in a simple strategy of delivering quality grade LED lighting fixtures at reasonable prices. Hykolity brand LED light fixtures mainly focus on commercial applications that include High Bay Lighting, Wall packs, troffer panels, shoe box street / parking lot lighting.

Known for having one of the best customer service support in the industry. Hykolity understands the importance of having a live person available for any sales or customer service inquiry. Hykolity is headquartered out of the City of Industry in Southern California and is made up of knowledgeable lighting experts. Giving back to the community and supporting our troops is something that Hykolity is proud of as it is veteran operated.

We welcome all types of accounts and orders, for more information email us or call us directly at (562) 456-0507.

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