Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Light W/ Crackled Shade, 3.4W 155LM 12V Wired Outdoor LED Walkway Light (6-PACK)

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Built to Endure the Elements: Our path lights are crafted with rugged cast aluminum, ensuring they stand the test of time. These weather warriors can thrive in cold climates down to -13°F and handle scorching heat up to 110°F, delivering reliable performance year-round.
Effortless Brilliance: Say goodbye to the hassle of changing bulbs. Our long-lasting LED lights require zero maintenance, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy their glow without interruption.
Illuminate with Elegance: Featuring an inner lens that creates a soft, diffused light pattern, our path lights are the ideal choice for accenting and illuminating pathways, steps, and gardens. Elevate the beauty of your outdoor spaces effortlessly.
Swift & Safe Setup: Installing these lights is a breeze. Thanks to the quick-install wire connector, you can easily set them up yourself, saving time and ensuring safety. For a complete setup, you'll need some extra accessories like a transformer and low-voltage wires.
5-Year Warranty for Your Peace of Mind: We stand behind the quality of our products. Our 5-year warranty covers most damage and shipping costs for replacements. If you encounter any quality issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

What kind of power cable and transformer should I need?

e.g Suppose there is a set of 4 path lights (each 3W) and 2 flood lights (each 4.5W) need to be installed in the garden, How to choose the cable and the transformer?

1. Add the individual light fixture wattages for all lights. 4*3W+2*4.5W=21W

2. The typical distance between two lights is 6-8 feet, but closer or farther is ok too. Based on the above diagram, 6 lights total watts in 0-60 should choose 75-100ft 16AWG power cable.

3. Transformer is large enough to support the Total Fixture Wattage, it should be the best usage within 80 percent of the rated capacity. So in this case a 45W transformer is enough.

Note: A transformer that is too large for the load may overdrive the lamps which will shorten their life spans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

Great quality. Very bright. Highly recommend these lights. They come in 3000k. Would be even better in 2700k.

John T
Excellent and bright lights for driveway

I bought 6 of these to line my driveway. Super bright and add a lot of class and value to my house. One piece of advice during install: there is a stake leveling piece near the base, which is well below center of gravity. These types of lights tend to lean over time when simply pressed into soil. So what I did is trench holes about 12 inches deep, cut off the stake leveling piece with a hacksaw, and carefully press the pole of the light 12 inches into the ground. Then fill the hole with gravel (which won't move or compress like soil). That should keep the lights from leaning. Fingers crossed that these last 5-10 years before a bulb burns out.

Pamela Kirkland
Love our pathway lights

These were easy to install and are very good quality and went with our Decore! Very beautiful!

Brian B
Great purchase

Durable and solid made. Bright realistic look. Definitely satisfied with this purchase. I bought two packages before they were sold out. I hope they restock this item.

Deanna Toutcheque
Beautiful lights

I love these lights. I installed Easter weekend and waited to review to give an honest opinion since so many reviews are mainly as soon as received. They are easy to install. I am a 55 year old woman and had no problem doing them myself. They are bright! I saw several reviews that said they didn't like the brightness but I think they are perfect. I will redo my review if something happens and I change my mind. I tried to put pictures of daylight vs. dark to give you an idea how they look at different times. I have received many compliments and I couldn't be more happy!!!

Realistic flame appearance!

Love these! Ordered 2 sets, very impressed! Highly recommend!

So happy with this purchase!

Really, so happy with this purchase!Easy to install. The picture does not do justice on how good it looks. It has a very quaint and elegant appeal. I could gaze at it for the longest time. Very good lighting, and the quality is great too! In order for it to work properly, I additionally purchased a QACA 30W Transformer Power Supply and a 50 ft FIRMERST 16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire Outdoor Lighting Cable. That's all that's needed. For convenience, I also bought a Fosmon WavePoint Wireless Remote Control Outdoor Electrical Outlet Switch. Would highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for something really nice! Appears quite durable too! I obtained this about 3 weeks ago, and thus far not a single issue!

Illuminates my outdoor space

Only thing I dislike is not that easy to unclip connectors when trying to move light fixtures to a different spot once it has been installed.

Well made and great looking

Very nice low voltage lights. Heaviest construction I’ve come across. Very bright, lights up a large portion of my yard. This might be a problem if you’re looking for a soft white tone. The connector didn’t work on my 20 year old wiring. Kept bending the prongs that pierce the insulation. Had to buy new connectors to get the job done so I took 1 star off. These connectors might work better on new cable thats not been weathered so long.

Nice 12-Volt LED Light!

My friend asked me to find him a replacement for the crappy solar-powered landscaping lights that he had mounted on his electric gate. The solar-powered lights didn't seem to last more than 6 months, and would never stay illuminated through the entire night. His only requirements were that the new lights had to look nice, please his wife, remain illuminated throughout the hours of darkness, be water-resistant and be visible from his house 100 yards away, so that they could tell if the gate was closed or open. After looking at all of the available waterproof marine lighting, I decided to look at landscaping lighting. My friend and his wife fell in love with the nice crackle design of the glass and the fact that you could view the light from a 360 degree angle. These lights are definitely stronger and look nicer than the cheap plastic solar panel lights! The snap-and-seal design connection to the landscape wiring didn't work for my setup, using a different type of landscaping cable, so I cut off the connectors. The power cables on the lights have one conductor with small writing along its length. This cable (with the writing on it) needs to be connected to the POSITIVE 12 volts DC power source. The cable with NO imprinting on the exterior needs to be connected to the NEGATIVE 12 volt DC power. (Since this is an LED light, you will definitely need a 12 Volt DC power source (sold separately) and NOT a 12 volt AC power source, which is popular in the old (non-LED) landscape lighting.) I used simple wire nuts (not included) to connect the light cables to the landscape wiring, and sealed the connections with RTV sealant. All six lights were wired identically, and put out a uniform amount of sufficient, pleasing light. If any of your LED lights do not illuminate, you might want try to temporarily reverse the polarity on that particular light to see if it works, before you send it back. I only installed four lights, and saved two lights to use in the event of a failure with any of the original lights. Consuming less than FOUR WATTS for each light, you don't need to worry about these lights making a dent in your electric bill! In the event any of these light fail I will update this review.