Spooky Halloween safety tips with LED Lighting

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Halloween is broomstick-riding witches and carved pumpkins. Carved pumpkins have become a sign of Halloween, few people can also identify the festival by seeing those carved pumpkins. Apart from that, another thing that plays a huge role in creating spooky and creepy atmosphere is the lights. The spirit of Halloween has spread to the inside and outside of the house as well, and owners setting up elaborate displays that range from the haunted houses in the basement to the graveyards on the yard, including high-tech LED lighting exteriors. We leave no stone unturned to make our Halloween party attractive from spooky banners to picture frame lanterns to the eight-legged cake. Whatever the occasion is the usage of lights plays the most promising role. However, with creative usage of lights comes risks associated with it. You need to be extra careful with your decorations especially when you have kids at your home running here and there. Without certain precautions, Halloween decorations in your lawn and home can pose a threat to your family and to treaters who come to your door:

Tips for safety yet spooky and creepy Halloween decorations

Be smart about the manner you decorate your house

  • Traffic flow should be considered while setting up the decorations. Place them in such a manner so that tipping over can be avoided, blowing away or becoming a tripping hazard
  • When you are plugging in your scary interior decorations, electrical outlets should not be overloaded
  • Always flow the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer so as to prevent damage to your home or injury to your visitors

Create spooky Lighting with caution

Any kind of open flame should be avoided

Use battery-operated candles or LED Halloween light bulbs as a better and safe alternative

The most important thing is that avoid draping costumes or other fabrics over light bulbs, which emit heat and can start a fire

Lighting safety tips:

There are a variety of manners to illuminate your season with holiday lighting arrangements. An electrical failure can be considered as one of the major factors in two-thirds of home structure fires. So, when you are planning and implementing your lighting design in this Halloween festivals, keep these certain safety tips in mind so that risk of property damage and injury can be minimised.

  • Try to avoid CFL bulbs which produce most of their energy in heat, instead you can use LED bulbs which are cool to touch- which also indicates huge energy efficiency
  • Wooden or fibreglass ladder should be used while you are hanging Halloween string lights in your lawn and yard
  • Candles should be stopped using as a prop in your party theme instead you can consider battery-operated candles in place of traditional candles. Nowadays a variety of lights are available in the market which can be an ideal replacement of the traditional candles without causing disaster to your theme for the Halloween party. Halloween LED lights can be used for this purpose which will be perfect for your Halloween parties.
  • Turn off all outdoor and indoor lights before you are going to bed, this will avoid unnecessary risks.

Make your Halloween and free of risks, as you will not prefer spending your Halloween nights in the hospital bed. With these preventive measures, you can make your Halloween safe and beautiful and hit. Uniqueness comes with safety and by following these safety tips you can enjoy your festival free of tension.