Change your Metal Halide with Right LED Corn Bulb

Many of the manufacturers now are offering LED replacement options for high wattage metal halide lamps. It no longer a hidden fact that LED lights are very useful than other standard lights. Many houses have replaced their fluorescent lights with LED lights.

However, there are cases where people are not encouraged to replace the halide lights with LED bulbs because it will automatically increase their operation cost which will be burden on their pockets. In those cases, manufacturers are providing the options of replacement, so the retrofit is simply a matter of removing the metal halide lamps and replacing them with the LED lights in the same socket. This will motivate people to replace their traditional lights which are not environmentally and economic friendly.

Why you should replace your Metal Halide with right LED corn bulbs?

The 35,000 to 50,000-hour bulb life of LED, this such a huge difference when it is compared to standard lights which has 1000 hour or 2000-hour halogen, is less dramatic with metal halide. The kind of metal halide light lamps used in high bay application has a rated life of around 20,000 hours. With LED replacements that are made available by the manufacturers today has doubled the life expectancy.

LED corn lights are a truly great invention. They are wonderful replacement for the technologies such as metal halide. The usual life span of the LED corn light bulbs is 50,000 hours which is almost double the life span of metal halide. These lights come in two basic types such as direct wire or ballasat driven.

There are various reasons why should you replace the metal halide with LED corn lights:

Direct wire or ballast bypass LED corn cobs function directly on line voltage. If you look closely then you will get to see that over the years most of the people prefer to replace their metal halide lights with Led corn lights. Most of them welcome the idea of removing the transformer and running high voltage directly to the medium base of household.

This will help in reducing usage of power consumed by the LED corn lights and the need to replace them in future. People are always attracted towards things that gives long return with one-time or less investment. Most of the LED corn lights that are available in the market are auto voltage sensing. These benefits are very useful for commercial outdoor lighting, as they can save on the maintenance cost.

During the time of festivals, we always try to incorporate colours in our decoration. This is also possible with the replacement of these lights. The choice of colours is great with LED corn cobs. Corn cobs lights comes in range of lumen output, replacement wattages start as low as 12 watts and go as high as 200 watts.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and replace your metal halide with LED corn cobs so that you can also enjoy these benefits like others. It is time that you replaced the metal halide of your house with LED lights. Hykolity has a broad range of LED retrofit bulb options to suit all your commercial and industrial needs of lighting, including and low bays and high bays.