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Why replace your entire light fixture?

Upgrading from your old fluorescent lighting to LED doesn’t have to be so difficult.  Sometimes the solution is to just replace a few parts in your light fixtures. Thankfully, our LED indoor retrofit kits are easy to install and use your existing ballasts or sockets to light up.

Just like our full replacement solutions, our LED retrofit kits are brighter than and more energy efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent lighting. They last at least 50000 hours and give off a vibrant shine. So whether you are replacing lights in your HID fixtures or fluorescent fixtures, the upgrade to LED is a smart choice.

If you are looking forward to replacing those old lights of the home or office with the modern lighting option, then the time has come to opt for the LED retrofit lights. When you retrofit the facility with the LED lights, you also ensure that you are going to use the modern day’s technology that makes life simple and more convenient.

These LED retrofit lights are designed to last long. They are durable on the use and also coming in an affordable price range. Due to this reason, replacing these LED retrofit lights with the old ones is also going to save a lot for you.

Types of Indoor Retrofit Kits

We offer three different kinds of retrofit lighting solutions:

  • LED corn light bulbs
  • LED tube lights
  • LED magnetic troffer strip lights

Our corn light bulbs are compatible with E26 or E39 mogul bases and can be found in residential garages, workshops, and even warehouses. The LED tube lights fit in T8, T10, or T12 sockets of existing troffers, flat panels, and linear lights. They are available in 4 feet or 8 feet lengths. The LED troffer retrofit kits use magnetic mounts to install onto your existing fixtures and are exclusively fit for 2x2 or 2x4 troffers.

These retrofits will take minutes to quickly brighten your working space and will not require you to remove your entire assembly.


LED Indoor Retrofit Kits


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