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Rainbow Series 1x4 FT LED Flat Panel, 48W 4800lm Selectable CCT Flush Mount Light (2-Pack)

Rainbow Series 1x4 FT LED Flat Panel, 48W 4800lm Selectable CCT Flush Mount Light (2-Pack)

$109.99 – $129.99
Illuminate Your Space with Customized Brilliance: Hykolity Selectable CCT LED Flat Panel Light 💡 Selectable CCT - Your Lighting, Your Way: Immerse yourself in personalized lighting with our Selectable CCT...

Why Upgrade Your Office Lighting? 

While LED lighting is proven to be superior to fluorescent lighting in almost every way, office spaces still use the latter. These workplaces often incur high energy bills and maintenance costs; fluorescent lights go out sooner and are equipped with ballasts which must also be replaced every so often. Fluorescent lights that flicker into the end of their life cycle output uneven color temperature which not only dulls the office space but also disrupts employees’ productivity.

Upgrading to LED lighting will improve your office space’s presentation and drive down your energy costs. LED lights retain their color temperature, use 65% less energy, and last longer, reducing the need to replace them.

It’s the LED flat panel light that seems to be a must addition for just any office or business location. Well, the overall feel and look of the office can be enhanced effortlessly when the 2x4 LED troffer is installed. As these are the LED flat panel light, they can be installed easily with the ceiling of the office and sufficient light for space can be generated.

These are the modern day’s lights, and you need to take complete advantage of them. LED technology has really managed to revolutionize the whole lathing world. And now this technology is going to enhance the décor and design of your office simply by the installation of LED flat panel light.

Other Benefits

Many small and medium-sized spaces will benefit from LED troffer lighting. Keeping a room well-lit makes for a better work environment, improving people’s mood.

All Hykolity LED flat panel lights are dimmable so you can lower your output down to 0V from 10V.

LED flat panels and troffers can not only be used in office spaces but also kitchens, workshops, classrooms, and other low ceiling rooms.  


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