Collection: LED Vapor Tight Lights

Moisture and humidity? No problem

LED vapor tight lights are a perfect solution to applications where fixtures are exposed to humid and moisture. The ideal place for them would be outdoors, but also can be used in indoor applications such as refrigerated walk in units, freezers. 

Vapor tight lighting are resistant to not only moisture, but dust and dirt. On the average they come with a rating of IP65 and can be exposed to cold conditions.


Please check with your local energy company about the details of any rebates for LED down lighting.  These rebates go by the conditions of different energy companies according to region and states.   

Important facts

Not only are vapor tight lights the standard for outdoor and humid conditions, but add the fact that these are LED and you have a winning combination. Just like any other Hykolity lighting fixture, these come with a 5 year warranty against defects. They can be installed in underground parking structures, walk in freezers, outdoor just anywhere conditions will not be amiable.  

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