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Commercial Light Type


LED Canopy Light

 Brighten up your canopy / underpass

These LED canopy lights are ideal to use for walkways and gas stations with overhead canopies.  Commercial rated, these LED canopy lights can last many years without any maintenance.  The LEDs give off a brighter light output and at the same time cut cost on the energy bill. Save money by switching to LED, replace the old fluorescent lights and see the difference instantly.  The powerful light output is ideal to light up any dark area underpasses.   


Get a rebate

There are rebates to help you save money by switching to LED lighting. Check with your local energy company for more information.  Know that rebates vary according to each state and region.  


Important facts

These LED canopy lights are made to withstand the elements and come with a water resistant rating of IP65. Installation comes by pendant mounting or using a direct surface mounting. Hykolity offers a 5 year warranty against factory defects. If it ever goes out within that time, give us a call and we will take care of you.  

LED Canopy Lighting