How to Prepare Yourself to Stay Safe at Night

There’s nothing like taking a jog in the park to get some exercise and to be alone with your thoughts.  Even more so at night when there are fewer people and you can feel the cool breeze against your skin. But maybe you’re just walking to and from your car on campus or at work. Whether you want to or must be out late at night, there’s no doubt that the nighttime requires some added precautions. Thankfully, these safety tips and ideas are easy to do and can come a long way in keeping you safe at night.

3 Easy Methods to Protect You and Your Car

Carry yourself with confidence. Attackers tend to single out those who appear weak since they make easy targets. By planning your travel route, you will walk with a purpose that will reflect in your body language. Your chest will puff out, your strides will appear strong, and your head will point forward instead of looking down. If you are walking to your car, have your keys on hand to reinforce your deliberate walk.

Park Under Commercial Pole LED Shoe Box Light in Parking Lot

Speaking of cars, you’ll want to park it in well-lit spots like under a commercial pole LED light. You and your vehicle will be easily spotted in these areas, where it will least likely be broken in. But while parking under an LED light keeps your car visible at night, some thieves may not be able to resist going in for a quick break-in if they see valuables inside. Keep your valuables hidden by storing them in your trunk and/or draping a blanket over them.

Whether you are exercising at the park or walking to your car, wearing some bright or reflective clothing could keep you from being a target. Making yourself more visible will help drivers and other pedestrians spot you faster in case of an assault. Whenever possible, wear clothes that are easy and comfortable to move in as well. Using a bright LED flashlight will make you more conspicuous as well.