3 Ways to Have an Energy Efficient Thanksgiving

How to be Energy Efficient During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Just like you, we can't wait to sit around the table with our family to enjoy turkey. We here at Hykolity sell LED lighting so we're all about power efficiency. Thanksgiving can be an energy-wasting holiday, so here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your break.


Start by checking your tire pressure before you head out. Underinflated tires increase your fuel consumption since they cover less ground. Once you've set out, it's best to mind the speed limit. During a road trip, it may be tempting to speed when you're on an empty road with no cops in sight. Slowing down to the speed limit will not only keep your family safe but also keep your vehicle at its optimal fuel economy. 

If you are cooking...

Make sure to clean your oven before you begin roasting. A dirty oven means more energy will be used to cook your bird and it may even affect its flavor. Also, keep your oven heat at the same temperature by limiting your checkups. Opening your oven door will reduce the ambient temperature by 25° every time, extending the cooking time. Don't give in to temptation!

Time to Stay Home and Host

Cuddling up with your friends and family? Turn down the thermostat; the number of bodies in your house provides plenty of heat so you can share your company and warmth! Close off any door gaps as an extra insulating measure to keep all that body warmth in.

Use dimmable LED lighting. Your ceiling lights will be working overtime, so you'll want to keep its power consumption low.  If you haven't already, change out your fluorescent light bulbs with low wattage LED light bulbs to enhance your room's brightness and decrease power usage. Dial back the LED lights with a dimmer to set the mood and consume even less energy. Extra points if you are using our recessed LED downlights!

Hykolity will be off for Thanksgiving this Thursday but we’ll be back on Friday. In the meantime, you can check out our many lighting solutions to see which lights best fit your kitchen!