Which LED Ceiling Light is Best for your Kitchen?

Thanksgiving has just past, making way for Christmas and more time to spend with your friends and family. If you are hosting a gathering, you’re likely going to be prepping a big meal as well. But are you cooking under adequate lighting? If Thanksgiving in your kitchen felt like a dud, you can still save yourself from cooking under lackluster lighting! This is your opportunity to make your kitchen more stylish or functional. We recommend using either LED downlights or LED wraparound fixtures. But which one best suit your cooking space?

What value do these ceiling LEDs offer me?

Both LED downlights and LED wraparound lights give off an incredibly bright light. Outputting up to 5000K white lighting, either fixture will make your kitchen look as vibrant as it can be. The downlights and wraparound lights run at a low 15W and 40-60W respectively, so both operate efficiently which saves you money on your electricity bill through their long lifespan.

Down Lights vs. Wraparound Lights

The LED downlights offer you more flexibility. You can choose from 4 in. to 6 in. cans depending on your existing fixtures or preference. While each LED light shines a little less bright than the wraparound light at 700 or 1100 lumens, they come in either a 4-pack or a 12-pack. This allows you to get comparable output, while also letting you buy as little or as much as you need. You also have the option of choosing a lower color temperature to set a relaxing or inviting atmosphere.

Our kitchen-ready LED wraparound lights are the brighter options compared to our LED downlights. The linkable commercial LED light outputs 4400 lumens of light, while the flush mount commercial LED light shines 6000 lumens of light. Their wide foot candles, or area coverage of light, make either LED wraparounds ideal as centralized sources of light and give your kitchen a practical feel.

LED Wraparound Lights in Hospital Hallway

How to Use LED Down Lights or Wraparound Lights

Recessed mount LED downlights give your ceiling a modern aesthetic. Because they are not as bright as the wraparound fixtures, you will have to use multiple units. However, this presents a creative opportunity for you to use them as accent lighting. For example, you can adorn your kitchen island with LED downlights. Mount the LED downlights through your ceiling for a flush appearance.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may only need to use one LED wraparound light. While it may not offer the same flair as the LED downlights, they do shine brightly in one location. Mount them in between your stove and kitchen counter for maximum coverage over your working area.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, you can't go wrong with either LED ceiling light. Check out the LED downlights or the LED wraparound lights and see what feels right to you. Upgrade and make your kitchen vibrant just in time for Christmas!

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