How Will You Feel Rich with Architectural LED Troffers?

Architectural LED Troffers

New building projects can be exciting to take on. You’re given an opportunity to start anew and create a modern and contemporary space. Add your flooring, paint your walls, and select your furniture. You’re well on your way to making a lively hallway, office, or classroom! But what about your LED lighting?

Traditional troffers are a thing of the past; you’d find frosted lenses in older buildings that look drab and depressing. A standard flat panel design may not be for you either. So why not lean towards an unconventional route? Why not use a set of center basket architectural LED troffer lights?

The architectural style LED troffer light is ultra-thin and elegantly designed in a 2x2 or 2x4 configuration. Its metal housing curves upward to give you a recessed mount appearance against your ceiling. The 2835-LED diodes are set in the middle of the LED troffer housing and are shielded by a diffuser lens. This special lens prevents glare, evenly distributes light, and features a convex curve for aesthetic contrast.

LED Troffers

Your brand-new office or classroom will stay up-to-date with an array of architectural LED troffer lights over your head. They add a premium touch and present your furniture in true fashion with powerful 4000K/5000K white LED lighting. Use this modern LED design in other rooms like hotel lobbies where you want to create an inviting and vigorous vibe. 

The center basket architectural LED troffer lights provide a state-of-the-art presentation as people walk in. Its progressive design is intriguing, functional, and creates a youthful aura. Hykolity LED Lighting is your go-to supplier for this and other high-mount LED troffer lights. Find this and other LED lamps today.