Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need LED Lighting

LED Lighting Top 5 Reasons

Here is a little LED lighting knowledge for all business owners. 

There have been many reasons as to why LED lighting has been so popular with home décor lighting fixtures, from receding lights to more unique décor oriented applications.  Many home-owners and building managers know that LED lights use up less electricity than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. They also know that there is a longer life span with LED lights.  These factors are often enough to make the switch without much thought.   However commercial lighting still needs to catch up with the residential side in converting to LED lighting fixtures.

#5 No more mismatching lights

One of the issues with using fluorescent lights is that the light bulbs often go bad and start either flickering or commonly give off a dimmer light than others.  This makes the light panel look outdated and does not give out a good impression of your business if routine maintenance cant even be done.  

#4 No annoying buzzing sound

Say goodbye to that annoying sound that fluorescent lights are known for.  When a light bulb is malfunctioning they often give out a buzzing sound, which is caused by the ballast ( transformer ) that is needed with the installation of any fluorescent light.

#3 Zero warm up time

Don’t wait any longer than what you have to for the lights to come on. Fluorescent lights take time to “warm up” to be at their full potential.  As soon as the power comes on it they are at around 80% and need 30 seconds or more to reach full strength.  LEDs are known to be at 100% capacity as soon as the switch is turned on, eliminating the time that is needed to fully turn on the lights.   

#2 Better working environment

LED lighting give off a bright light that can illuminate better areas and maintain a better working environment.  There have been studies that show a rise in working productivity due to better lighting conditions as opposed to poorly lit areas.  A comfortable working area is key for any employee to feel comfortable and not have issues that relate to their vision and lack of proper lighting.   

#1 Get cash back with rebate programs

There are many energy rebate programs that are usually associated with retrofitting existing lighting fixtures to more energy saving like LED light bulbs.  This incentive is one of the best reasons for any business to switch to LED lighting.  Saving on energy costs while eliminating most of the annoying factors that come with outdated fluorescent lighting and getting money back is something that cant be beat.  Put some more money in your pocket and retrofit all your lighting to environmentally friendly LEDs.