How can schools save money by using LED lights?

LED lighting School Classroom

A lot of institutions can also save with LED lighting 

Schools always have tight budgets and LED lighting can really save money that can later be used on something different. Schools cost a lot to maintain especially the buildings due to the amount of power used. With led, schools can save more than 70% of total energy used.

Here is a brief intro to LED lighting.  LED lighting is formed when an electrical current passes through a semiconductor. The materials that make these bulbs were altered from the original material to produce atoms of another element. Led lights are known to save a lot of energy because of its different features.

Below are a few ways on how schools save money by using led lighting.

  •         The total cost of school maintenance is reduced with a very big margin. LED are said to last for years and schools using these lights will save on their budget in the long run. The money which was used on replacing bulbs now and then can be used on another budget which will help the school grow. The school can decide to add motion sensors where they will sense immediately when a room is vacated and become less active.
  •         They are the most efficient bulbs. LED are more than 50% efficient comparing to other bulbs where they will reduce energy usage at the school dramatically. When combined with natural light the school building can save up to 70%.
  •         The school will be able to protect students from health and well being issues. Students don’t have to strain when using LED lighting because it has enough strong, bright light. Some lights have harmful contaminants that can affect students over time.
  •         LED parts are recyclable making them a better option for schools to promote children to recycle. Having parts that can be reused again, the school does not need to buy new items every time a repair is to be done. This saves the school money on minor expenses which later accumulate to a lot of money.
  •         LEDS are eligible for PPEL (physical plant Equipment Levy) which is used to reduce expenditures on energy conservation. LED are designed in a way they can lower energy usage and cost.

With the listed benefits of LED lighting the schools can start to promote energy saving methods and at the same time allocate more money on their budget for other programs or expenses. Other lights can be harmful to a student’s sight  if they are straining their eyes each day. However, LED’s are recommended because the bulbs give off enough light for any room. Other bulbs have been linked to eye strain, increased stress and migraines. LED lighting is known to reduce stress and anxiety where the students overall mood is improved.  For the school to install the LED lighting all they need is conduct an audit and see the total expenses the use on energy, do a mock up and see the difference between LED and the other types.

Most times installers will offer a discount when installing in government buildings such as certain schools.  There is also rebates from different energy companies that might help with the final cost of the LED purchases. This is done in order to promote energy conservation with LED lighting.