High Bay Lighting Changing / Retrofit to LEDs

High Bay LED Lighting Retrofit

Businesses that have large storage and or warehouse areas use up quite a bit of electricity. 

This can double if not triple if the business is a 24 hour operation like many big companies.  The amount of electricity that is generated is usually mismanaged due to the fact that the lighting needs to constantly be on the entire time. 

Warehouses commonly use high bay lighting which have the ability to light up a larger area due to the high ceilings.  Having a lightbulb go out and needing to trouble shoot can sometimes be a pain in the neck.  Most warehouses need to get a lifter in order to be able to reach the fixture in the first place.  This can be quite expensive, even for a simple bulb change.  Having fluorescent lighting does not make things better as they are prone to very commonly go out with frequency.

One solution is to implement the usage of LEDs in the warehouse.  LEDs (light emitting diodes) are one of the most energy friendly lighting application that anyone can use.  Now there are certain options when it comes to changing to LED lighting.

The first option is to change the entire lighting fixture, which can be sometimes a bit pricey.  This option completely replaces the entire fixture with a brand new LED one.  The installation should be pretty straight forward.  This option is recommended if the current fixtures are worn out and very old.  This would require for an electrician to make the install.

The second option is to use a retrofit kit which will only change out the current bulb to a LED.  Sometimes the kits will have some fixture adaptation to make the necessary switch.  This option is the best option if it is not necessary to change the entire fixture.  Having fairly new high bay lighting, changing out the bulb to retrofit LED one should me more than enough. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the height of the fixtures and what would be needed to make the install and or retrofit. Otherwise it would be a better idea to have a professional electrician take the job of deciding which option would be best.  For more information and to speak with a lighting professional you can contact Hykolity Lighting.