3 Hykolity Ways to Warm up During Christmas

woman wearing jacket outside hykolity blog

How are you keeping warm this Christmas? Whether you are in the freezing Midwest or in Southern California where it is perpetually summer, it’s bound to get colder with winter quickly approaching. Now there are a ton of different blogs where you can find different ways to stay warm during the holiday season. But we’d like to take this opportunity for you get to know a little bit more about us. Here are 3 ways that Hykolity LED Lighting likes to stay warm during cold weather.

Putting on a vest.

It’s so simple, isn’t it? This simple piece of clothing goes a long way. Along with your typical long sleeve sweater and long underwear, a vest adds a fashionable touch and another layer to keep your body warm. Ever wonder why your hands and feet are freezing more so than your head? According to David Rakel, M.D., “the body always sacrifices the extremities to maintain the heat of the core—the heart and lungs.” Wearing a vest will keep your core temperature up so blood flow won’t have to be redirected from your hands and feet. This is an easy way for most people to get warm, which is great since it doesn’t get any cheaper from here.

Using warm LED lighting.

Our idea of staying warm is unconventional and outside the box. As we’ve stated, warm white LED lights create a cozy and inviting atmosphere to relax in. 5000K white light has practical use in any workspace but tends to keep you awake and alert. Not ideal if you just want to sit back and wind down with a cup of cocoa. Warm tones in the 3000K-4000K range reduce eye strain and fatigue while least interfering with your body’s ability to create melatonin, helping you go to sleep.

Going to Las Vegas.

This is by far our favorite and most expensive method of staying warm during the holiday season. Let’s be honest; no one needs an excuse to go to Vegas. But there are legitimate reasons to make a visit to the alternate happiest place on Earth. Vegas is set in the desert, so you are pretty much guaranteed warm weather during the day; daytime highs average 69°F which is more than warm enough for those in the Northern region. This allows you to get away with wearing a light jacket at most. Vegas is also a hotspot during the holiday season so there is rarely a dull moment. This is our leading way to lift spirits and body temperature. 

We at Hykolity LED Lighting want to wish you all Happy Holidays! We are going to be on break during Christmas (Eve) and New Years (Eve), but you can still order commercial LED lighting on our website. Shipment subject to the holiday season. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates. Happy holidays!