LED Vanity Light: How can you improve your Bathroom Lighting?

Improving the lighting of our bathroom ranks lowest in our priority list. We always design lighting fixtures for our bedroom, living room, kitchen and exterior of our house. We pay very little attention to enhancing the lighting style of our bathroom. Ironically, we use the bathroom for most of the daily activities and spend an ample amount of time in the bathroom. So, when it comes to proper lighting, one of the most critical rooms in a home is the bathroom. This is the place where people wash and groom so it is very important to set our mood. With beautiful lighting ideas, it can be achieved.

Levels of lights

The first question that occurs to us is how much light is needed in the bathroom? The answer is completely dependent on the person and the task that they are performing. For example, I personally do not like too much light while I am taking a shower. This is the time when we relax our minds and body. Too much light can be a barrier to the path of a peaceful mind and body. In the master guest bathroom, you can mount fixtures that provide at least 75-100 watts of illumination. Most of the time we mount the same residential lighting fixtures in the bathroom making it more boring. There are various ideas regarding bathroom lighting:

Bathroom vanity lighting ideas

Appropriately lighting the mirror above the vanity ensures even illumination and makes tasks like brushing your teeth and grooming easier. By avoiding direct overhead lighting, you can avoid unflattering shadows. You can also choose wall scones for illuminating your bathroom which you can affix either side of the mirror to ensure even lighting in both the sides. If you are not able to avoid overhead lighting you can choose a fixture with multiple lights helping you to avoid creating shadows. LED vanity lights can be used for this purpose in your bathroom.

Put in a dimmer: Most of the time we do not require too much lighting for every purpose like taking a shower which relaxes your mind and soul. In that case, you can consider installing a dimmer switch to control the mood and ambience of the room. This will let your lights up for tasks like grooming and turn them down for a soothing bath. Moreover, you can put each lighting element on various dimmers to create the mood you want. Currently, dimmer is becoming popular among people as they can control the amount of light they require for a particular task. By installing dimmer, you can make the bathroom lighting fixtures more interesting and attractive which will help to lift up your mood after you have a rough day at your office.

Think safety: one of the most important bathroom lighting tips while improving it is safety. This is because running water in your bathroom can pose an electric hazard. So, it is extremely important to think about building codes when installing bathroom lighting. Moreover, it is also important to make sure any lighting near the tub has an appropriate rating. Lastly try and avoid freestanding lamps in the bathroom, as they can fall into the tub or sink causing an electrical hazard.

While planning bathroom lights all these factors should be taken into consideration. They are various ideas that you can implement in order to enhance bathroom lighting but safety should top your priority list.