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Looking for a bright but warming mirror light for your bathroom? Look no further than Hykolity's series of LED vanity lights! These wall-mounted LED lights feature a contemporary brushed nickel finish and fit perfectly in any style bathroom. It can also function as a pair of high-powered sconces for adequate face lighting. Select from different lengths of fixtures for your desired fit, available in 24, 36, and 48 inches.

With soft, neutral white lighting you can ease into your day or slip into your slumber. Enjoy high powered, super brightness with up to 13% the power draw of incandescent bulbs that will last 50000 hours in its lifespan. Too bright for you? Set the mood right using a dimmer to lower your lights. 

It’s your bathroom where you may not need sufficient light, but surely you need proper lighting that can complement the overall décor of the place! Well, then why not install the LED vanity lights now? These are the best vanity lights that you can get now online and in the affordable price range. The point here is a bathroom is a place where you use to get relaxed while taking a shower.

After a long tiring day at the office when you are taking a shower at the bathroom, the vanity light is going to enhance the feel of that place. Now you can also have a wide range of vanity light fixtures which allow you to install these lights easily and in different positions.

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