Improve your security with better outdoor lighting

Oudoor LED Lighting Wall Pack

Security is one of the most important factors that any business owner can control. 

Some choose to install CCTV cameras, others opt to implement employee and vehicle tracking, and some even have security on their premises.  One of the easiest security improvements that can be done to the outside of any business is to have proper lighting.

These areas include outside parking spaces both covered and uncovered, as proper lighting can make sure there are no dark areas where suspicious activities can occur.  In order to maintain proper lighting and to keep energy cost at a low, it is recommended to use LED lighting fixtures.  The LEDs (light emitting diodes) have a longer lasting life than traditional fluorescent lighting commonly found in these areas.  Not only will you save money by using less electricity but it will improve the level of brightness at the same time.

Another important area are warehouse docking bays.  For the businesses that operate 24 hours a day, having proper lighting in the docking area is extremely important for the safety of employees. Truck drivers and the loaders both need good visuals to do their job and LED wall lights can accomplish that.  LED wall lighting can be placed right above the area that needs to be lit attached to the outside of the building.  There are buildings that already have these installed but are fluorescent which should not deter anyone from switching to LEDs.  Retrofit kits come with everything that is needed to make the switch from an existing fluorescent, halogen, or even incandescent fixture to an LED one.  The retrofit kits vary as some just call for an adaptation to a LED type bulb while others replace or adapt to the existing housing.

Learn more about the different ways that switching to LED lighting can help improve your outdoor security measures.  Hykolity offers many outdoor commercial LED lighting applications at very competitive prices.