LED Wall Pack


Keep those areas bright

Wall packs are great at keeping areas, usually adjacent to buildings well lit.  Dark areas specially in alleys or on the outside of buildings can bring security risks, minimize those risk by installing LED wall packs.  LEDs output a brighter light which can deter suspicious activities from occurring.  These LED wall packs can replace 400w metal halide fixtures.

Save money by upgrading your wall packs, LEDs consume less energy and the results can be seen in the electric bill.     

Rebates for Saving Energy

Upgrade your wall packs to LED and take advantage of energy saving rebates.  Get more information on any programs directly from your local energy company. Requirements can change and often vary depending on the state and the county.

Important facts

LED wall packs are a great way to save money on your electric bill.  They usually last longer than any other type of commercial lighting, saving you money on maintenance costs. Hykolity LED wall packs are made with heavy duty materials that offer great dissipation of any heat.  The polycarbonate lens makes sure that light distribution is symmetrical, maximizing light output. Hykolity products come with a 5 year warranty from any factory defects.  

Hykolity Wall pack LED light