How Hykolity is Rapidly Expanding

Hykolity LED Lighting Growth

Using basic marketing to find its way in the LED lighting industry. 

One of the biggest growing brands in the industry is Hykolity, who are located in City of Industry, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles.  Hykolity has been in the LED manufacturing industry since 2011 and has seen a continuous growth for its products in the American market.  Many of the products they offer are high bay LEDs, which are used to retrofit or as a first install in many warehouses, gyms and other commercial storage buildings.

Having a niche product can be sometimes difficult to find the right communication channel. Often many resort to online marketing and social media for their expansion.  This can lead to many companies competing for a position on popular search engines and eCommerce websites. 

Hykolity has ventured into the option of adding more incentives that might put them above their competitors.  One strategy is to offer much more than just products.   Educational aides such as videos are a good practice for any business to explore as they can bring more information on a visual scale.  Updated user guides and other information papers to be accessible to all clients to print or download is another strategy that companies can offer.  The purpose of these informational products is to further assist clients in understanding on which products are the right fit while giving them a sense of support. 

Newsletters and promo codes for products are another way that companies can interact with clients and give them incentives.  

Hykolity has taken various steps into marketing, just like many other companies have done.  As mentioned of the most basic marketing tactics has found a way in this vastly internet driven world, and proven successful.  Having a niche product sometimes needs to resort to more creative methods to reach the correct audience.  In this case it was the community of electricians, installation companies and others that developed this network.  

This is an example of how having a well-structured strategy is something that many companies are trying to achieve, but often fail to start with the basic foundation for marketing.