LED Lighting, Fluorescent lighting and the Electricity Bill

LED Lighting Bulbs

There are many extra costs and taxes that businesses are paying in modern times. One of these extra costs is electricity. Additionally, in some countries around the world there are also extra taxes on electricity use. For many businesses to run efficiently they need to use and have constant access to power and electricity every day. Therefore, businesses must pay a hefty power bill.

For factories to operate or an office building function lighting is required. Factory workers, office workers and all sorts of workers need lighting to be able to see what they are doing. Whether that is inside a warehouse, factory, building or any sort of work during the hours of the night lighting is very important and is needed for just about every business to operate efficiently. For this reason, lighting takes up a great portion of a business electricity bill. Therefore, business can save money by switching to lighting that can save energy and an increased duration of life. Business owners should do some study around what lights will save us the most money on the company’s electricity bill and will still let us operate efficiently.

LED (Light emitting diodes) lighting is the most energy efficient lighting on the market that business owners can invest in. They provide a good range of illumination and can be a good choice for just about any type of commercial and industrial applications. It is a better alternative to traditional halogen lighting as LEDs are up to seven time more energy efficient than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. LEDs also have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours which is about ten times more than a halogen bulb. LED lighting fixtures are cheaper overall due to its energy saving properties. There are many different style of LEDs that can fit any industrial or commercial business. LED low bay, panel and troffer lighting fixtures are great for workshops, office buildings, garages and storerooms.  High bay LED lighting fixtures are ideal to have in gyms, warehouses, factories and any other commercial building with high ceilings.   There are also retrofit kits which are great for buildings where there are only old style fittings.  Contact Hykolity, the best LED lighting manufacturer and learn more about the different types of LED lighting for your type of business.