5 Fun LED Uses to Inspire Your Next Project

LED Light Emitting Diodes

This week, we’re taking an outside look at how you can use LED lighting. While we provide professional solutions, we do think about other ways it is changing how we live, work, and play. LED lighting benefits are no secret and their versatility can inspire many projects like these:


The most versatile method yet, you can add LED lighting behind anything from flat screens to kitchen cabinets. A backlight will not only accent the lines of your cabinets but also help you locate utensils or tools. You can use a wide range of LED lights like desk light bars and our LED shop light.

Car Under Glow Lights

Under glow LED lights add a sporty touch to your vehicle, allowing you to show off your personal flair. At night, your car will look like it’s floating over a pillow of light at car meets or down the freeway. While you can purchase underbody lighting kits, standard LED strips may also do the trick and is more affordable.

Patio Lighting

We've previously explored ways you can lay your LED string lights to make your backyard or interior feel warm and inviting. Try surrounding your patio with Edison style bulbs to create an al fresco dining experience or sprawling it across your entire backyard for an elegant display.

DIY Chandelier

Looking for a way to repurpose your LED Christmas lights after the holidays? You can brighten up your entire room with them by making your own chandelier! Using clear crystals, you can amplify your LED Christmas string lights to create a relaxing lounge. Or depending on the LED light’s color, you can also make a lively space.

PC Tower

Until recently, LED lights have only been used as indicator lights in computer towers. While this is certainly still the case for everyday computers, RGB LEDs have taken over gaming PCs, attracting gamers who want to express their edgy style. You can find these lights in case fans, RAM, and even the power supplies! If your PC tower has a window on its side panel, you can simply lay LED strips along the rims. This will add a soft glow that showcases your parts or makes your computer a centerpiece in your room.

You can add bright LED lighting to just about anything! Whatever your next project is, using LED lights will add a flair that is unlike any other. Check back next week when we explore two alternatives to LED lighting. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates!