Collection: Wall Lights

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of both residential and commercial lighting. Firstly, keeping the outdoor areas bright and well-lit is important for security and safety purposes. No one wants to walk along a dark street or parking lot at night without any lights around. Secondly, outdoor lights add to the design of the house or building. Different styles and shapes are available to choose from to match the structure of the building or facade. Lastly, outdoor lighting makes a more relaxing outdoor space to gather and spend time at. This is especially true for patios, terraces, gardens, and balconies.
For residential applications, decorative outdoor fixtures offer thousands of collections from various designer brands to choose from. Outdoor flush mounts and chandeliers are perfect for patios and terraces. Outdoor wall sconces and wall lanterns can be found on doorways and all around to light up the perimeter of the house. Landscape lighting fixtures like path lights, hardscape lights, and in-ground lights are ideal for gardens and lawns. Choose from modern, traditional, contemporary, coastal, or rustic styles to match your home exterior.
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