Why LED UFO lights are considered for a warehouse?

Today LED's probably the largest energy-saving warehouse industrial lighting solution on the market. The main reason that has contributed to this is that metal halide lights use a lot more electricity. They also do not work well with the motion sensors, or not easy to dim it. There are huge benefits of using LED lights for warehouse

  • Its saves energy to about 75%
  • Increased lifespan up to 4 to 5 times longer than the usual lamp
  • Provides the improved quality of light
  • Also, help in reducing the maintenance cost

You must convert your warehouse lights to LED

Here you can expect huge savings in the cost if you convert your 400 HID light sources to LED. You can refer to the table below and can witness it all by yourself the amount of savings you can make per fixture for every fixture converted over per year. 150W LED fixture has been chosen assuming it runs a rate of 12 hours per day.

Cost per Kw/h

Savings per year








So, you can see the amount of savings can be made if you switch over to LED UFO lights.

LED warehouse light fixtures help in increasing productivity

Operations of the warehouse are improving with UFO LED high bay lights fixtures the quality of light and distribution that are being offered by them.

Improves the safety and security of your warehouse

For safety and security purpose you are required to light up your warehouse adequately. By converting your warehouse lighting to LED lighting will allow you to run the lamp for 24 hours. Keeping them on for whole day year after year will not reduce the lifespan of the bulbs nor will increase your electricity bill. Rather it will illuminate your room sufficiently so that a single corner of your place is not dark. For this LED warehouse lighting is gaining popularity.

Benefits of LED warehouse Lighting

There are several features that separate LED warehouse lighting from traditional lights.

  • Very little heat is produced by these LED lights. The energy-efficient design of LED means that no heat will be produced during operation. For this reason, the lamps stay cool to the touch and also minimise havoc requirements
  • With LED lights changing of bulbs frequently is reduced. This is highly beneficial in commercial areas where long-lasting lights are required.
  • Also offers highly efficient lights. This will help you save on utility costs and also reduce your electricity bills.
  • UFO high bay LED lasts more than 10 years and even longer if controls are added.

LED lights are gaining popularity and the reasons that have contributed to this cannot be ignored. Now it is convincing why LED UFO lights should be used for your warehouse. With the help of LED lights, you can keep your warehouse illuminated 24 hours without being getting worried about the electricity bills and lifespan of the lamps. So, it is time you should convert your HID lights to LED lights for your warehouse.