What Are Ways LED Retrofit Kits Make Upgrading Easy?

LED Retrofit Kits

If you are taking on a new building project, purchasing entire LED light fixtures make sense. But if you’re looking to upgrade your existing fixtures, you may not want to deal with the cumbersome installation process. You may only have a single part to replace too! Thankfully, we supply LED retrofit kits to make upgrading a snap. Here are just a few ways they do it.

Fewer Parts to Deal With

Many of our LED retrofit kits are solid state, meaning there are no moving parts, so nothing comes loose. This makes them easier to handle. There are also no small pieces like hardware to keep track of.

Easy to Install

Because there are fewer parts to deal with, our LED retrofit kits are easy to install. Our LED troffer strip lights have the most components but are still a snap to install; it involves simple wiring and uses magnets to mount the LED strips onto your existing fixture. This saves you the trouble of removing and replacing your entire light assembly from your ceiling.

Easy to Replace

So now you’ve installed one of our LED retrofit kits but somewhere down the line, you discover a defective piece. The first step you should take is to use the included 5-year warranty and contact us. If the defect is from one part, you can simply replace the faulty piece. No need to uninstall the entire LED assembly!

Whether you are upgrading an entire light fixture or just replacing a few light bulbs, using Hykolity LED lights will give you an upgraded brightness that shines vibrantly and more efficiently!

If you think LED retrofit kits are the solution for you but not sure where to start, feel free to email us at salessupport@hykolity.com or call us at (562) 456-0507. Also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates. Now that you know what makes retrofit kits easy upgrades, come back next week when we dive into common standards every contractor should know.