4 Floodlight Techniques to Display Your Home at its Best

LED Floodlighting

Lighting up your home doesn’t have to be just a sensible task. With the right eye and approach, you can create attractive displays that can be admired day and night. One of the most powerful ways to aesthetically light up your house is to use LED floodlights. They provide ample lighting, outputting big beams of light. And while that may seem like a lot to work with, you can use these 4 techniques to best utilize it to great effect.

Wall Washing

A common but popular lighting method, wall washing spreads LED light onto a wall or façade to create an even glow. This eliminates unwanted shadows and imperfections from showing up. Wall washing is best used as subtle ambient lighting so people walking by can admire a wall’s architecture. To achieve the wall washing effect, set the LED floodlight about 3 feet away to get a wide beam angle that covers the entire façade.

Flood lighting on church


Shadowing is a creative use of floodlighting because it utilizes the absence of light, rather than light itself. Trees with thinner foliage are common subjects to project onto walls because of its thin lines. However, you can cast just about any kind of shadow like that of a statue or smaller plant life. Aim your LED floodlight towards a wall you want to project your subject to. Set it closer or far away from your subject depending on how big you want the shadow to be.

Shadowing. Image Credits go to cast-lighting.com

Image credits: Cast Lighting

Wall Grazing

Wall grazing highlights textures of stone walls, chimneys, and other types of masonry. Unlike wall washing, LED light is angled vertically to exaggerate shadows and display a wall’s complexity. Shining a light this way creates a dramatic appearance that makes your wall feel more awe-inspiring. Wall grazing is done by setting the light fixture about half a foot away from the wall. While wall grazing and wall washing are similar in execution, they achieve two different aesthetics and require different amounts of light. Shadows can be made more or less pronounced by moving your fixture closer or farther away from your wall.

Wall Grazing. Credits go to rlelectric.com

Image credits: RL Electric

Security Lighting

This is the easiest method as it requires the least creativity and is utilitarian. LED floodlights are particularly great for this technique because of their strong and wide-spreading output. Set in high locations, it can cover wide areas to eliminate darkness where trespassers can hide, making it an effective crime deterrent.

Cool White LED Flood Lighting for Security

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to your home illumination. We offer essential residential lighting options as well to beautify your backyard and kitchen. As always you can explore what we have to offer, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates! Check back next week when we explore how LED retrofit kits make upgrading easy.