How to Find Certified Pros to Best Install Your LEDs

How to Find a Certified Electrician

Installing your LED light fixtures may seem simple at first. We know, we make it look easy. But how safe is it for you to do it yourself? How would you deal with any damage if you spot it? Would you be violating any codes? Without any of this knowledge or training, it’s best to hire a certified electrician.

There are two reasons we recommend turning to professional help. Faulty electrical work can cause fires, and your homeowners’ insurance may not cover damage via unlicensed electrical work. Electricians undergo 5 years of education and 10000 hours of training to earn their certifications. When you hire a licensed electrician, you get the professional work, know-how, and accountability needed to get the job done right. So how do you find one?

Start Your Search

The best place to start your search is your state’s licensing organization. In California’s government website, you can find a PDF of certified electricians through the Department of Industrial Relations. Each name is listed with their zip code, certificate number, and expiration date. This is a quick way for you to find local electricians and begin contacting them for quotes. You can also do a Google search and use various websites to help you find an electrician.

So now you’ve gotten a few leads. Great, now it’s time to call them!

Verify Your Electrician's License

Verify Your Electrician

Ask your chosen electrician for his certificate number once you’ve narrowed down your choices. Use it to confirm his certification with your state’s licensing organization. California’s Department of Industrial Relations allows you to enter a search string based on the electrician’s certificate number or last name with driver’s license. If you’re given a license, check to see if the person’s name matches the name on the license.

You can also look up any complaints in the Better Business Bureau when dealing with a contractor. There are licenses for individuals and contractors so be sure to check who the license is assigned to.

Now that you know how to find a certified electrician, you can have your LED lights professionally installed and enjoy their brightness and clarity. Come back next week when we explore ways to use LED floodlights. Also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for tips and updates.