LED lighting usage around the world

 LED Lights around the world

Since the production of the led lights in 1962 it’s nothing new to see these small lights emitting diodes popping up everywhere. Throughthe developments they have become a popular source of lighting in offices, homes, traffic lights, and cars. They have an increase focus on global energy-efficiency and advanced technology. The European commission have said they want to phase out the halogen bulbs due to the low energy efficiency which comes after the ban on the incandescent bulbs in the effort to cut out greenhouse gases. LEDS are travelling all around the world and more and more places are jumping on board to take on their benefits.

  • The empire state building underwent a $550 million renovation in 2010. It was transformed into an eco-friendly, energy efficient structure.
  • Then in 2012 there were computer driven LED lights systems that become capable of showing 16 million colours that changed instantaneously.
  • China and Malaysia celebrated with style in the new year. Kuala Lumpar showed cherry blossom tress with LED lighting to light up the magical landscape. In china lanterns and light shows are beautiful and again are using LED lighting in their lanterns.
  • In Hong Kong they radiate the sky with LED lights to celebrate the year of the ram.
  • Developed originally by NASA is light facials. These facials are said to boost collagen and treat acne. Also known as light therapy where LED lights are used to send packs of light into the deep layer of skin. These treatments help to minimize wrinkles and treat sun damage.
  • LED technologyalso comes into the medical side of things meaning they are using LED’s in Iran for the dealing of cancerous lesions, stem cells, and actinic keratosis.
  • South Korea scientists and researchers from Finland and the US have managed to developed contact lenses that have an LED light on the actual eye. It is called the bionic lens. The lens can include an antenna that will receive power from radio waves and acombined circuit to store the energy with a sapphire chip that hasa blue LED.
    This can help those who have vision problem experience a virtual display. This is not yet available.
  • Soomi Park aKorean artist, has a project idea for LED eyelashes. The LED will sit underneath the eyes are powered off and on as the head is tilted. A sensor will detect actions of the pupil and the eyelids.
  • A fantastic invention to avoid motorists and aid visibility when it is dark is strips of LED’s that get attached to horses through Velcro straps. These can also be added to peoples clothing when walking in the darkness or onto bicycles.


LED lighting is soon going to take over the other methods of lighting to offer a greener environment and a longer life expectancy will give us a more energy efficient way of lighting. With their longer life period and reduce cost they are suited for not only personal homes but everywhere else that needs a form lighting.