Looking for a reason to make the switch from fluorescent lights to LED?

 Switch to LED lighting


Here are the top ten reasons to make the switch to LED lighting:

Longer life:
LED don’t have a thread that will burn out and break frequently. LEDS have a huge life expectancy of over 50,000 hours on average. LEDS last twenty times longer than incandescent bulbs and twice the time of fluorescent bulb.

Safe to use:
No burnt fingers when you replace LED lights as they only release a 20% heat energy. These bulbs reduce the risk of house fires as they have a lower heat emission. They are not as delicate as normal blobs either so there will be no cut fingers from broken glass.

Energy efficiency:
Put a stop to those high electricity bills. Install LED lights to lower your power consumption. They work at an 80% energy efficiency so the other 20% is used in heat energy. This is the opposite of other incandescent bulbs where they are using 20% electrical energy and the other 80% is heat energy which significantly runs bills up. LED lighting also requires less watts to operate.

Versatile Use:
LED lights can be used for different functions and purposes. With different sizes and shapes that are made to replace any other light bulb. The size and power saving features is why they are a standard option for new homes being built.LED lighting isn’t just found in homes but also exit signs, traffic lights, remote control lights and even Christmas lights.

Different colors:
Traditional lighting has color filters that give off a certain hue. With the LED lights they can let off different arrays of colors with the filters. This will result in lower production costs and better efficiency.

Better for your health:
LED lighting does not contain mercury as other types do. The LED lighting can actually reach full brightness in a few microseconds which saves your eyes from straining.

Wide range of products available:
There are so many products available when it comes to LED lighting to suit exactly what you are wanting them for. They can be installed in showrooms, malls, lights in your cupboards, industrial spot lights for security, high bay lights and batons for stadiums with the use of flood lights for the outdoor scene.
Garden lights work well with LED lighting as well as installing some in your pool for a beautiful swim in the pool.

Easy focused:
LED lighting is focused. They will emit light in specific directions, so they can be used more effectively. They can be made to focus without needing reflectors and lenses which for you means less bulk and reduced costs for he same amount of light.

On/off cycling:
The lifespan of other lighting in reduced if you are turning lights on and off. Some people leave their lights on to avoid this but then you are losing out by raising your electricity bill. LED lighting does not have this on/off cycling issue.

LED lights are better for your electricity bill as well as the environment reducing your carbon footprint.