LED and Fluorescent Shop Lights

When it comes to commercial shop lights, LED strip fixtures are a fantastic choice. Ideal for updating your outdated incandescent, HID or fluorescent strip lights, an LED strip light fixture will help make your shop lighting more efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, LED styles provide even more options when it comes to color and brightness, so they’re especially appropriate for commercial environments requiring tailored lighting solutions. LED industrial strips can be used in shops, warehouses, retail, hospitality, art galleries and more.

While T8 fluorescent strip light fixtures were once the norm, now things are moving towards LED styles. A 20-watt LED strip fixture is the equivalent to 32-watt fluorescent strip lighting, while a 40-watt LED is equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent. You can also replace 175- to 600-watt HID lights with their equivalent LED fixtures with this selection from Pro Lighting. Our assortment of 48- and 96-inch strip lights will light spaces of any size, packing tons of lighting power into a convenient and compact strip that provides a low-profile ceiling mount option.

These models offer over 24,000 hours of lamp life to reduce time between bulb changes and increase the quality of light in your workplace. Make lighting your warehouse and industrial areas a breeze with a T5HO or T8 strip fixture from this huge assortment from our store. You’ll find one- to six-lamp LED strip fixtures as well as styles ranging from 20 to 88 watts. Pro Lighting is the best place to purchase your commercial LED shop lights, because we offer bulk pricing options to save you money on your lighting equipment cost. We also have a team of NAILD Certified lighting professionals on hand to help you make the right light choice.  For more information on LED Lights please visit our site.