Beautiful Wall Sconces - Art for Your Home

Every house tells a different story and the story some way or the other relies on the décor, lighting and the furniture. Coming to lighting, not all the houses incorporate same types of lights i.e. while some rooms have ceiling hanging lights, some have wall sconces, some have chandelier while the others have ornate bulbs. When you install wall sconces with LED lights, the first concern is to save power and the next is to create a soft yet uniform dispersion of light throughout the room directed from the wall.

Hykolity offers both single and pack of two LED sconces according to your requirement. While the single sconce offers relatively softer lighting, the pack of two sconces not only offer more brightness but also lets you create different ways of dispersion by installing both on the same wall and in angle with each other or even on two walls facing each other.   

Pack of Two-Cylinder Lights

While looking for decorative wall sconces, you would definitely find the two Up and Down LED Wall Sconces with black finish your prospective choices. These powder-coated ETL-approved sconces have a suave contemporary look that will complement any upscale and tastefully designed household. Be it the corridors or the living room, bedroom or study –the 1400 lumens bright light will make sure the rooms are perfectly lit and therefore, offer security from any unwanted visitor.

With 100 to 277 Volts at 50-60 Hz input voltage, these cylindrical LED sconces use only 20 watts/unit which are significantly low in comparison with regular incandescent lights and hence, you can have an eco-friendly household with the relief of saving electricity. As for the warmth, with 3000 Kelvin warm lighting and that too from top to bottom of these lantern-shaped scones, you have assured a cozy ambience. Finally, these sconces being wet weather friendly, you will not need to worry about damage from the weather.    


Semicircular Wall Sconce  

If the two wall sconces lights exceed your requirement of lights, check out the semi-circular shaped white wall sconce with brushed nickel finishing for the frame. From washrooms to staircases, hallways to the garage, columns to patios and drawing rooms to bedrooms, this simple yet efficient light can easily replace the incandescent bulbs with 75 Watts HID and offer sufficient brightness for a warm household, especially if you are using for narrower spaces. The package consists of nickel satin metal base, PMMA light diffuser and ivory cover while the accessories come with a warranty for 5 years regarding defective parts or functional issues.

Using as low as only 12 watts of power with an input voltage of 120 volts, this LED wall sconce would not affect your electricity bills. Besides being eco-friendly, you will be offered a warm shine dispersed throughout the space, thanks to the 4000 Kelvin light temperature in accordance with the 850 Lumens of brightness. Equipped with Triac dimmer, the bright warm white light will be diffused by a frosted lens that softens up lights all over the area. According to your requirement, mood and ease of vision, you can dim the lights to reduce color temperature and brightness. Just like the two cylindrical sconces, this model too is designed to withstand the damp environment and you can easily use it in wet locations like bathroom or porch.

Be it the cylindrical scones or the single semicircular scone, the soft and uniform light dispersion makes both of them suitable for your home. While the former is designed for more bright indoors, the latter with dimmer is suitable for the ornamental purpose or for smaller spaces.