LED Saturn Ceiling Lights for Your Kids Room

When it comes to your kids’ room or nursery, you cannot compromise on anything starting from the furniture, flooring, electronics, doors and windows and even the lights. Kids need lights that are not so glaring in their eyes and also not so dim that they have to struggle to see it clearly. The Saturn LED ceiling lights from Hykolity offer 4000K strong neutral white lighting that has a warranty of 50,000 hours of lifespan –as a matter of fact, these lights with variable lumens do not glare but are diffused by the Frosty lens. Hence, while evenly distributing light across your kids’ room, they can easily study, play or do other chores under perfect clarity of sunlight.  

Design of Lights

The LED ceiling light fixtures have brushed nickel rings surrounding the frosty white-colored highly transparent PMMA lens that has an acrylic diffuser. Having a compact design, the lights have a flush mount and you will be offered three screw caps. The keyholes slot is compatible with any 4-inch junction box. The best part of the light fixtures is that you do not have to buy or even replace the LED bulbs as it has an integrated LED setup. The sizes vary from 12inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 32 inches.

Wattage and Equivalence

The input voltage for all the Saturn ceiling lights of Hykolity is 120 Volts although the wattage of the lights in five different models is 15 watts, 20 watts, 25 watts, 30 watts, and 35 watts respectively. Coming to the equivalence of the drop ceiling LED lights, the 15-watt model is equivalent to 100-watt incandescent light, the 20-watt model is equivalent to two incandescent lights with 60 Watt capacity while that of the 25-watt model is three incandescent lights with 60-watt capacity. The equivalence of the 30-watt model is with three incandescent lights with 75-watt capacity and that of the 35-watt model is with two circline T9 fluorescent bulbs with 32 watts capacity each. Choose your required light according to the budget.

Choose Brightness With Lumens

When you are considering drop ceiling lighting for the kids, always go for the lumens that indicate brightness. If the kids spend most of the time on another room or require the light mostly during post-dinner hours, choose the model with lesser lumens and if they need lights for studying, playing, making crafts and so on, go for the ones with higher lumens. The 1050 lumens model lamp would offer 70 lumens brightness per watt while that of 1350 lumens is 67 lumens per watt. The model with 3100 lumens offers maximum brightness and its lamp offers 88 lumens brightness per watt. If you are considering neither too less nor too high lumens, go for the 1900 lumens model or the 1600 lumens model, the lamps of which offer 63 lumens and 64 lumens brightness per watt.

Other Features To Look For

The Ceiling light from Hykolity offer Triac dimming from 5% to 100%. As the housing materials of the lights consist of plastic and aluminum, they work efficiently under slightly damp conditions and operate in the temperature range of -4 degree Fahrenheit to -104 degree Fahrenheit.

With 5 years warranty, the LED Saturn lighting can be installed easily by screwing into plastic brackets after you tap wires with nuts. A subtle aesthetic ambiance is created by the diffused lighting that can complement the room setup.