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Give your building a contemporary touch while saving on your energy bill with these LED Wall Sconces lights. Replace your inefficient incandescent light bulbs with a fixture that runs on 12W and 20W while giving you a strong from 850lm to 1400lm output, enough to light up small or narrow spaces.

Hykolity LED Wall Sconce Light is the best choice for you to upgrade your vanity bath lighting with energy-saving LED technology. The LED cylinder light has a powder-coated architectural black finish for elegance and It features a lantern-like appearance and emits 3000K warm white light, illuminating from the top-end and the bottom-end.

The frosted lens of LED Wall Sconce diffuses the light to soften it while providing a uniform light distribution. Its clean, modern design and 4000K white shine complement any style to create a cozy environment.

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