Application and Advantages Area of LED Lighting Technology

Every day more individuals are becoming aware of the threats that our nature is facing. The human intelligence has made enormous strides towards advancements but everything has an equal and opposite reaction. The various forms of pollution have had adverse effects on our environment with global warming being among the most notable issue. The world collective and its concerted acumen have been striving vigorously to generate viable solutions to remedy such global issues.


The prominence of electricity in our day to day lives needs no explaining. The developments in the field of electricity have been contently evolving. From incandescent to fluorescent to compact fluorescent lighting options have just got better. The latest and most effective solution developed in recent times is the LED lighting options. LED or light emitting diodes are the new the way forward as they are extremely energy efficient, durable, environmentally friendly, and devoid of any polluting emissions.

 Residential LED Lighting

Here we take a look into the application areas for LED lights:


  1. Commercial Application:

Commercial enterprises always look for cost-effective, durable, low maintenance and lights which can offer bright lighting options. The LED’s simply fulfill all these parameters. For commercial enterprises such as supermarkets, malls, industrial spaces, garages, warehouses, storage facilities LEDs become a very viable option.


  1. Outdoor Application:

Outdoor lighting options need to be able to handle various climates, temperatures and of course offer clarity for appropriate visibility. LEDs again tick all the above boxes. Whether they are installed for residential or commercial spaces LEDs are a perfect fit for both. They also become an effective and widely used option for traffic lights for signals and as security lights.


  1. Residential Indoor Application:

LED lights are available in three colors such as white, blue and yellow and in various shapes, sizes, and styles. They are also available with dimmer options in recent times. So, whether one is searching to install a light for a wall, ceiling, recess, panel, study, or for festivals, universal use or just to decorate a particular space in their homes LEDs are the most exclusive preference.


  1. Commercial Indoor Application:

Commercial spaces require that their indoor spaces are well lit, easy to maintain, easy on the budget while also have a longer life span which makes LED lights an easy choice.


  1. Sports Application:

LED lights are becoming an increasingly popular option for lighting options for sports venues. No matter whether the need is to light indoors or outdoors, fields or underwater, stadiums or track fields, overhead or focused lights LED lighting solutions are an increasingly effective and viable choice.

 Stadium LED Lighting

Be it swimming pools, stadiums no matter indoor or outdoor, overhead or focused LEDs are becoming an increasingly effective and viable option.


Below are a few important advantages for migrating towards LED Lighting technology:

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting options have a high electricity conversion ratio meaning they consume 80% less power than the other options available in the market. LED due to their less energy consumption help make significant savings in electricity bills simply making them a very obvious choice for lighting options.  


The most important advantage of LED lighting options is they have a very long-lasting life span. LED’s last as much as 25% times longer than other lighting options out there. LED’s can effectively operate for around 30,000 to 50,000 hours making them an affordable choice for commercial LED lighting.


commercial LED Lighting

Environmentally Friendly

The LED’s emit less to nothing infrared and ultraviolet rays as compared to the other options which make them very environmentally friendly.

Operate in diverse climatic conditions

LED lights can easily operate in extreme climates and function without any hindrance in diverse temperatures. Hot or cold LED keep functioning seamlessly.

Style and Color variations

LED’s are available in various shapes, sizes and offer three options in colors such as white, yellow and blue. These available options make them a firm favorite choice for residential led lighting.