8 Consideration When Buying LED Downlights for Kitchen

If you are out to buy LED downlights for your kitchen, there are many factors that should be considered before you make a purchase. With a large variety of options being available to homeowners, you should figure out what suits your kitchen the best before spending your hard-earned money. Here are the top 8 deciding factors that you should go over.

Ceiling Height

Ideally, kitchens have a higher than normal ceiling height to allow the air to circulate better. You want as much light as possible, and the best way to achieve that is by opting for bright kitchen downlights that can illuminate the cooking area. Considering the fact that kitchens are full of heat and moisture, ensure that your downlights are ingress protected.

 LED Slim Panel Downlights


You may need to make holes in your ceiling or arrange for electric wiring to get your lighting setup properly. If you are stuck with your kitchen downlights ideassimply consult an electrician to get a better idea on how you should proceed with things.

Labor Costs

A lot of people omit labor costs when considering LED installations. While the lighting and fixtures themselves might not be too expensive, labor costs need to be accounted into your budget to ensure you do not end up overspending.

Safety Protocols

The best downlights for kitchen use are not the ones that look the fanciest, but ones that offer the right mix of lighting and safety. Considering the fact that you will be installing the downlights for your kitchen, it is very important to ensure that your lights are IP rated.

Cost Savings

We all know how energy, efficient, LED lighting solutions are. However, kitchen lighting is active for a large part of the day especially if your kitchen and dining area are connected. You want to invest in downlights that are power efficient and do not eat too much into your monthly power expenses.

LED Canless Downlights


LED lights from good manufacturers need little to no maintenance. But things can be a little tricky for kitchen lights as they are constantly exposed to heat, smoke, and oil fumes. It is recommended to opt for LED lighting options that come with a long warranty period to stay on the safe side when it comes to kitchen lighting.


If your kitchen is in a brightly lit area with a lot of outside light, you do not want to install overly bright lights. Just like restaurants, dim lights are ideal for kitchen spaces at least in the dining area. However, ensure that you get bright lights for the cooking area so you can comfortably prepare your meals.

Dimmable LED Recessed Downlight


It is not just about getting the best lights for your kitchen, but also complement your interiors. If you have a darker themed kitchen, we recommend opting for brighter lights that accentuate your dining and kitchen area. While lighter tones in your kitchen call for a more dimly lit lighting setup.

If you want the best quality LED products for your kitchen, invest in lighting solutions from reputed manufacturers only. Hykolity is one of the top-rated LED solutions providers currently, and their expertise extends far beyond kitchen lighting alone. You can trust the brand for all your lighting needs for your home or workplace.