Collection: LED Recessed Can Lights

Using Hykolity LED Recessed Downlights is the best way for your home to get a sleek and modern touch. Included are E26 bulb base adapters that allow you to perform a plug and play installation process and due to this, it makes it easy to replace your dim ceiling lights. Wire a dimmer to these LED downlights to set your desired mood and never worry about flickering or buzzing.

This pack of LED downlights shines a warm 3000K - 5000K white light that closely resembles incandescent lights. You can achieve the cozy atmosphere that incandescent lights offer and intensify your room’s brightness. Get long-lasting LED performance with 9W- 12W power consumption and a 600lm - 1000 lm output.

Ideal for all LED recessed lighting applications - from commercial to residential settings. Ideal for supermarket, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, offices, hallways and floor lamps, pendant fixtures or ceiling light fixtures.

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