Exciting New Advancements in LED Technology May Help You Sleep Better!

LED lights are the most sought-after lighting option in these modern times whether they are required for residential or commercial purposes. They are cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and most importantly are environmentally friendly. LED lights have been an impressive upgrade in technology as compared to its predecessors such as incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and CFL lights.


Human ingenuity has always strived to keep on improving their laurels. There have been a great many changes introduced in the lighting systems some of which we will discuss below:


LED Ceiling Light

  1. Control Systems:

Light switches will soon come to be associated with the term past. Scientific progress in the field of LED lighting is now working to introduce new methods of connectivity. We have already seen light dimmers and sensors work wonders and now through the introduction of control systems, your LED lights can be connected through your devices which directly impacts energy efficiency and sleep or wake times.


  1. Internet of Things:

IOT means the utilization of the internet to operate physical devices. A simple internet connection can now be applied to operate your everyday LED lights.


  1. Durability and Design:

LEDs are extremely long lasting which help designers create new designs which can be used to fit perfectly into the built-in spaces as designed by architects making them as much part of the structures as walls, ceilings, and floors.


  1. Li-Fi

Li-Fi is like Wi-Fi but for a lighting system. Application of sensors can now track movement through devices. The furtherment of this technology will only transform every aspect of our lives.


There is no escaping light anywhere or anytime. Scientists have now proved that light is equally important for human health as are vitamins or proteins. Our brains rely on light from the sun to stay awake or sleep. Artificial light can cause confusion in our brains to understand the same sequence as compared to natural light. This has led scientists to develop methods where artificial lights can be as similar as possible to natural lights.

 LED Ceiling Lighting Hykolity

Let’s take a look into how advancing LED technology can help you sleep better:

 Smart LED light fixtures

Our brain is aware of whether is day time or night time. This is the basic concept for smart light fixtures as they are designed to be aware of time and change their light intensity on their own. This system can be a very suitable option for residential LED lighting.

 Light Blending light fixtures

Scientists are working to develop LED lights which can mimic natural lights as close as possible. Simply explained these lights are a combination of blue and green spectrums of light which do not affect our internal chemistry.

Residential LED Lighting

 Specific LED lights:

LEDs are nowadays designed specifically to be used during day time or night time aimed not to affect our circadian cycle. Several brands have introduced a wide range of bulbs specifically for day and night time. For example, a great option to select an ideal LED ceiling light can be the Good Night Bulb by Lighting Science.

 Light variations:

LEDs are now available in various colors. By choosing a warmer tempered color which produces less blue light wavelengths can help one fall asleep.