Why LED Driver Failure In High Bay LED Lights?

LED High Bay Lights have more advantage over the commercial building but the biggest advantage is cost-effective. Commonly assumption of LED high bay lighting failure can be due to an LED driver or LED driver failure. The LEDs typically fail due to the parallel connection of LED products to LED drivers.

The rarest failure due to mechanical failure such as poor assembly of LED products, thermal paste coating uneven. This failure also can lead to heat temperature increase which leads to burning out of LEDs. Drivers problem or power supply issue due to low price products leads to failure of product quality such as less brightness or burning out of LEDs

Over temperature in LED High Bay lighting may occur due to LED driver is mounted inside the light fixture without keeping the LED driver cool. The heat can be either conducted or convected away from the LED driver using heat sink so that it shouldn't exceed the stated maximum operating temperature range.

Also, due to overloading of the LED driver cause a rise in temperature and they lose efficiency. This means during higher temperature we recommend to reduce the load on LED driver. In summary,there is a lot of detail of LED driver which need to pay attention to avoid unnecessary losses in practical applications!