What's the difference between high bay and low bay lights?

If you are new in the world of lighting, you may have some questions regarding what is high bay vs. low bay lighting.



High Bay Light are used in large space with a  ceiling height greater than 20ft above the floor. A high bay ceiling is usually found in some commercial spaces and industrial.

High Bay Light



Low Bay Light are used in large space with a ceiling height between 12 and 20 feet above the floor. Low Bay light are mostly found more in grocery stores, retail stores, workshops and public buildings.

Low Bay Light


What is the main difference between the two?


In terms of their application differences, the matter of the ceiling height is always the important factor. The main reason these two fixture are manufactured differently as per the needs of each space. In terms of their application differences,we always focus on two main factor, lumen output and how they direct their light. High Bay lights are 150W or above with a beam angle of 90 degrees, While Low Bay lights require less lumen output that is 60W to 100W with a beam light of 120 degrees. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you have the correct lighting fixture, which cuts maintenance and replacement costs.