What is diffusers lights and diffusers lens?

Diffusers are with us ever since we brought light in the house.  Usually a diffuser spread out something or scatter out.  In Light diffusers , the light enters the diffusing material giving out scattered lights in a widely distributed, soft light.  

Light diffusers are mostly seen in the home and hotels. Recently Light diffusers is been used in offices and shop in the form of recessed LED panels. These area unit usually 600 x 600mm to suit the standard suspended ceiling system, tho' there are enticing circular alternatives capable of delivering an  lighting performance.

In architectural lighting, Lenses diffusers are new addition because of the advent of LED. Whereas a diffuser scattered the light wide and far, the lens is intended to manage the light from LED chips and transfer to given beam pattern. A diffused light would waste some amount energy as it scattered the light broadly around the space. Whereas, Lenses deliver light in a specific way. Lenses are transparent and made of acrylic, silicone resin or polycarbonate depending upon the requirement of the lens.

Switch this year to diffuser light or lens as per the requirement.