Staircase and Stairwell Lighting Ideas

A good staircase lighting is essential for the comfort, safety, and appearance of a home. We rarely see a smartly-lit staircase in a home. Here are some lighting options by Hykolity that can help you make the staircase safe in the dark.

  1. Wall Sconce

By installing these 12W wall sconces on the walls of the stairwell or staircase, you will add an elegant touch to your home. It gives a 4000K bright white light. Its 850lm output is perfect for lighting up small dark areas. It’s frosted lens diffused and distributes the light evenly. By attaching Triac dimmers, you can control and set the brightness as per your wish.


  1. LED Saturn Ceiling Light

The LED Saturn ceiling lights will go well with any style of interiors. They add a smart professional finish to the staircase/stairwells. They emit 4000K bright white light that ensures that you don’t miss a step on the staircase. The installation procedure is pretty easy as you can simply connect them to the existing house wires and mount them on the plastic or porcelain lamp brackets. Hykolity gives you an option of 15W, 17W, 20W, 25W, 30W and 35W lights, which gives out 1050lm, 1150lm, 1350lm, 1600lm, 1900lm and 3100lm respectively. Their polycarbonate lens distributes the light throughout the space.


  1. LED Wraparound Lights

You can choose from rounded or square LED wraparound lights. Both these lights are perfect if you are planning a simple yet brightly lit staircase/stairwell. Its LED chips produce 6000lm of light, which is distributed and spread evenly by the polycarbonate lens. It consumes 60W of power and gives out 5000K bright white light. Hykolity gives you all the necessary installation hardware along with this product.