Schools Lighting Fixtures

A good LED lighting in an educational institution enhances concentration. Hykolity has a variety of lighting options that are perfect to create a distraction-free environment in a school. A school includes classrooms, aisles, playground, auditorium, canteen, staff rooms, conference rooms, etc and each of these areas demands a different kind of lighting. Here are the top four lighting options that are appropriate for schools.

  1. Linkable LED Linear Light

A linkable LED linear light adds a serious touch to any space. A 40W light gives 5200lm output and a 75W light gives 9825lm output. Its 5000K light is diffused and evenly distributed by its polycarbonate lens which creates a soothing atmosphere. It generates 130lm per watt and lasts 50000 hours. You can install it directly on the surface or opt for a suspended mounting.  

  1. LED Troffer Panel Light

LED troffer panel light supports a productive learning environment. Unlike the traditional glass accent framing or frosted lens, the Hykolity LED troffer panel light offers a modern stylish look to the school. It gives a 5000K white light which is diffused and evenly distributed by its polycarbonate lens. This 50W light gives an output of 6500lm. This highly durable light has a lifespan of 50000 hours. It saves on your electricity bills and maintenance costs.

  1. Linkable LED Architecture Light

The linkable LED architecture light creates a refreshing ambiance that is appropriate for an educational institute. Sequentially place these lights to create a stylish look. It gives 5000K white light and produces 4600lm at 40W.

  1. LED Wall Pack Light

The LED wall pack light saves you around 76% on power. You can choose from 40W, 60W, 80W or 120W lights. These bold lights ensure a clear view. They are weatherproof and are IP65 water-resistant rated.