Porches Lighting Solutions

Good lightings make your porch look inviting and secure. It is important to choose the right kind of light to enhance the entrance of your home. Select the lights that complement the door/windows and furniture on your porch. Here are the top three lighting options by Hykolity that add flair to your porch.

  1. LED Yard Light

These lights shine downwards illuminating small areas. They are ideal for outdoor usage as their heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and IP65 waterproof rating makes them weather-resistant. Their built-in photocell automatically turns them on during the night and off during the day. These stylish lights trace infrared signals and help you keep a watch on any unauthorized intrusions.

  1. LED Security Light

The Hykolity LED security light produces bold light that is perfect for setting-up your summer night outside. Its 5000K light gives clear visibility and thus ensures the security of your house’s entrance. These trendy lights add a modern touch to your porch. The heads of these lights are movable and hence you can direct the light on the desired area. They are water-resistant. They have a built-in PIR sensor due to which they turn n when they sense movement in the coverage area. This feature helps save energy and keeps unauthorized intrusions away.

  1. LED Landscape light

If you are looking for a light that looks elegant as well as ensures safety, LED landscape light is the right choice for you. Their cast-aluminum construction helps in heat dissipation. They are weather resistant. They produce 3000K white light by consuming 80% less energy than the halogen alternatives. They are highly durable and last for 50000 hours.