Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

A patio is that area which is often used for social or family gatherings. A set of furniture, good lightings, and a few art pieces create a cozy ambiance. Lighting is extremely important in the patio because it is an outdoor space and needs to be illuminated at night. Here are some options that you can consider for lighting up your patio.

  1. Dusk to Dawn LED Security Flood Light

This LED security floodlight produces 5000K bold and eye-catching light. You can fit these lights on the floor or up on the wooden bar at the ceiling to make a stylish impression. You can choose from the 30W or 50W, knuckle mount or yoke mount lights to light up the night sky. The dusk to dawn LED security floodlight goes well with all kinds of furniture.

  1. LED Landscape Light

The LED landscape lights add a decorative appeal and enhance the security of your patio. They are durable and add a visual symmetry to your patio. They can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Hykolity has a variety of 3W that gives 150lm, 4.5W that gives 205lm and 10W that gives 390lm of ambient lighting. Its 3000K light gives a feeling of a candlelit environment. These lights last 50000 hours and consume 80% less power than the halogen lights.  

  1. LED-Wall pack light

These lights add an illuminated personality to your patio. They set the perfect environment for an outdoor party. They add a sense of security and drama to your outdoor space. They are perfect for open-air locations like patios because they are weather-proof. It’s polycarbonate lens diffuses and evenly distributes its 5000K light that sets a soothing atmosphere. Its IP65 waterproof rating makes it perfect for adding an artful touch to the outdoors.