Mechanism of LED Lighting

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is one in every of the most recent inventions and is extensively used lately.  Nowadays their applications and popularity are increasing because of the remarkable advantages they have. But do you know what is the mechanism of LED lighting or how do they work?


How does LED work?

The light emitting diode merely, we all know the basic type of semiconductor of the diode. Semiconductor consists of two lead known as p-n junction and emits lights when direct current is applied. When the diode is forward biased, the current flow through it and the holes and electrons moving within the p-n junction, trying to combine. Once the electrons move from n-type to p-type and combine with holes. This makes the formation of the complete atom and emits the energy in the form photon of light.

The Light emitted by LED is quite big in term of functionality and capacity. LED Lighting is highly preferred cause they are highly efficient.