LED Dock Lighting Options

A good set of LED dock lights enhance the visual appeal and security of the dock. Lightings avoid accidents such as boats running into the dock. Chose the right kind of lights that promises to keep you and your boats safe. Here are the top three lighting options by Hykolity that are suitable for your dock.

  1. LED Canopy Light

It is an overhead light that you can install on that part of your dock that has a ceiling. The Hykolity LED canopy light gives a maintenance-free superior lighting experience. It saves a lot in terms of your electricity bills while producing much brighter light as compared to its fluorescent alternatives. Its compact yet bold lighting acts as a life-saver at your dock. It is IP65 water-resistant rated and is designed to withstand all sorts of rough weather.

  1. LED Barn Light

The Hykolity LED barn light produces lighting that smoothly spreads across your dock area at 120 degrees beam angle. It gives 5000K white light at reduced energy consumption. It has a built-in photocell that automatically turns it on during the night and turns it off during the day. It’s die-cast aluminum construction and IP65 water-resistant rating makes it ideal for wet location. You can attach it to a pole with the help of a mounting arm that can be purchased separately.

  1. LED Gas Station Canopy light

Secure every step at your dock with the 18000lm light at just 150W of power consumption! It gives 5000K white light spread at 110 degrees beam angle. It promises a lifespan of above 50000 hours. It consists of high quality LED chips that reduce maintenance costs and saves in terms of electricity bills. It is IP65 waterproof rated and ideal for wet locations such as a dock.