How to Paint with LED lights?

Transform the look of your home by painting the wall. Your fifth wall, the ceiling, is evenly important to your decor. Although after the installation of lighting fixture painting of ceiling can be done. But Paint spatters and drips on your fixture can become an undesirable focal point. 

Following steps to protect your fixture from painting.

1)Cover your furniture stack with plastic and Duct tape will keep the plastic in place. Open the window for ventilation and cover your floor with a drop cloth.

2)Unfasten the LED fixture or partly attached to the fixture, usually by removing a couple of screws.  To cover the fixture, slip a plastic bag over the fixture.

3)Secure cover sheet of a fixture with tape and Smooth the tape with your fingers to ensure the tape is completely sealed.

4)Paint area around the fixture smoothly. Once it has done then paint the rest of the ceiling.

5)Remove the plastic bag when the job is complete by carefully removing the tape at their base.