Exhibition halls and Conference Room Lighting Fixtures

Lighting forms an extremely important part of an exhibition hall set up. You need to choose the right lights that complement the display.

Conference rooms, on the other hand, require smart lightings as this space serves various purposes like board meetings, important client meetings, presentations, serious discussions, or a fun gathering.

The following are some of the lighting options that are ideal for both exhibitions and conference rooms.

  1. LED Canless Downlights

LED canless downlights provide a simple but elegant look. The installation process is super-easy. Hykolity presents a variety of size and color temperature options. They produce 3000K-5000K bright white light. Their LED brightness is more efficient than the incandescent bulbs. These lights are currently in high demand.

  1. Architectural Linear Lights

Architectural linear lights are widely used today. They give out a balanced amount of light that will be perfect to light up the aisles of an exhibition hall. It offers an output of 5000K and consumes just 40W-60W of power. This is an added benefit in terms of your electricity bills.

  1. LED Gas Station Lights

The LED gas station lights are one of the most reliable lighting options you could ever have. It requires no maintenance at all, but at the same time, it promises an incredible LED performance by reducing the electricity bill by 76%. They are made of the top quality SMD 3030 LED chips and give an output of 19500lms.

  1. LED Exit Light

Emergency exit lights are a basic necessity especially for a commercial set up like an exhibition hall or an office. The Hykolity emergency exit lights require no maintenance. Its high impact thermoplastic material protects it from harsh conditions. In the case of power outages, it provides 90 minutes of power back up.